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    Accounting – From R750 per month

    We offer a comprehensive accounting package from R750 per month. The offer includes the following per month: Capturing all transactions on Pastel Trial balance(Income statement and balance sheet) VAT201 (VAT form) submission EMP201 (Employee tax form) submission Annual income tax return Contact us for a quote.

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    Payment options – Financial Statements

    We assist companies with the following: Company tax Annual Financial statements PAYE returns(Employee tax) VAT returns Companies still have to submit all their tax returns during the lockdown period in South Africa. This is also a requirement for all companies who want to apply for financial assistant from government. Due to the difficult financial climate currently facing South Africa, we offer various payment options for our services to all new clients. This will ensure that your tax stay up to date and lessen the burden on your budget. Click here to contact us, or send an email to .

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    Small business assistance requirements

    Small to medium enterprises can apply to receive financial or other assistance during the outbreak of the coronavirus. Click here to be redirected to the government website where applications are to be submitted. The following is a list of requirements in order for the application to be successful. The business must have been registered with CIPC by at least 28 February 2020. Company must be 100% owned by South African citizens. Employees must be 70% or more South Africans Priority will be given to businesses owned by women, youth and people with disabilities. Company must be registered with SARS and UIF. SARS and UIF must be compliant. Proof must be…

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    Financial Statements 2019 – Time to submit

    All private companies with a February year end, should have submitted the Annual Financial statements to SARS for the year ended 28 February 2019. If the company has a tax liability, there is going to be a penalty for late submission. SARS has now also started sending out notices to companies who have not submitted their income tax returns yet, to give notice that administration penalties will be charged on a monthly basis, for every month the return is outstanding. If a company has not traded for the year in question, a Nil return still has to be submitted. Contact us now for assistance with company tax returns and annual…

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    Closing your business – Here’s what you need to know

    People often ask me how to go about closing a private company and what their responsibilities are. CONTACT US FOR MORE INFO… The first thing to consider when closing a company is the tax implications. All taxes must be submitted and paid up to date, right up to the date that the company ceased to trade. This is applicable to all tax types. Income tax – Financial statements have to be prepared up to the date the company stopped trading. An IT14 return should then be submitted to SARS. If the company stopped trading in the middle of the financial year, financial statements must still be compiled, for all the…

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    Year end 2020

    All companies with a February year end, have to submit a company tax return to SARS by 29 February 2020. This return is for the year ending 28 February 2019. In order to submit the tax return, a set of financial statements has to be compiled. This information is used to submit on the tax return. We can also assist in submitting a tax return for dormant companies, i.e companies who have not traded during the period 1 March 2018 to 28 February 2019. Contact us

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    Accounting from only R750 per month

    We offer an accounting service from as little as R750 per month. The rate is determined by the amount of work that has to be done. The monthly accounting fee includes the following: Capturing on Pastel, and providing a monthly income statement and balance sheet to the client. Submitting the VAT form Submitting the PAYE form 2 x provisional tax forms per year Submitting the annual company tax return. We also add all new client’s to our tax practitioner profile on Efiling. This makes it easier for us to submit forms. We also then receive all notifications from SARS directly, enabling us to attend to any communications immediately. It is…

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    Manual for business owners – FREE Ebook

    This Ebook manual was written with new business owners in mind. It explains in easy understandable terms how companies work, and what needs to be done to be compliant. It will help the business owner to get through all the red tape of starting a business. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to make better business decisions. MAKE USE OF THE INTRODUCTORY OFFER OF ONLY R80, AND ORDER YOUR COPY NOW. HOW TO ORDER If you would like a FREE copy, just send an email to requesting one.

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    Boekhouer – Pretoria, Suid Afrika

    Ek is ‘n boekhouer gelee in die ooste van Pretoria. Ek bied boekhoudiens aan vanaf slegs R750 per maand. Die diens sluit in die verwerking van maandelikse finansiele data en die indiening van die BTW form. Dit sluit ook in twee voorlopige belastingforms per jaar. Ons doen ook finansiele state vanaf R3 500 per jaar, afhangend van die hoeveelheid werk betrokke. Ons kan ook assisteer met UIF en workmen’s compensation, wat beserings aan diens vir werkers dek. Van ons ander dienste sluit in salarisstrokies vir werkers en persoonlike belasting. Contact us vir die beste boekhouer in Pretoria.

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    Provisional Tax

    Provisional tax forms, called an IRP6, have to be submitted twice a year. The first one before 30 August, and the second one by 28 February. The purpose of these forms are to assist government with their cash flow throughout the year. The calculation is based on the projected profit for the current financial year. So the form that has to be submitted before 30 August 2019, will be based on the projected profit for the financial year ending 28 February 2020. The tax paid with these forms will then be deducted from the tax calculated on the financial statements after year end. It is important to do these calculations…

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