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موقع سبح الاسلامي ا5People List - Free People Search Toolملاكبر تجمع للمحامين في مصر , ابحث و تواصل مع المحامين في مصرموقع سبح الاسلامي و الاخباري
  • Tax

    Tax directive for commission earners

    Taxpayers can now apply for a tax directive for a fixed percentage deduction. This applies to persons who receive commission income. This is for the 2020 year of assessment that starts on 1 March 2019. CONTACT US NOW TO APPLY. R250 per application.

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  • Tax

    Provisional tax

    The deadline for provisional tax returns is 28 February 2019. This is for the priod 201902, this from 1 March 2018 to 28 February 2019. And is an estimation of the taxable income for the financial year. All businesses should submit these returns, as well as individuals who are registered for provisional tax. Failure to submit, leads to a penalty for under provision of tax when the annual tax return is submitted. Contact us for assistance to submit.

  • Accounting,  Tax

    Financial statements – deadline.

    The deadline for tax returns for companies with a financial year end of 28 February 2018 is 28 February 2019. SARS will be imposed for outstanding companies tax returns(IT14’s) for years previous to 2018 from 7 January 2019. We can assist with financial statements for small businesses from R3 000 once off. Click here for more info. The tax returns for companies should be submitted to SARS at the latest 28 February 2019 along with the financial statements. We can also assist with Nil tax returns at R165 each. Even if the company has not traded, a tax return should still be submitted to SARS.

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  • Accounting,  PAYE,  VAT

    Monthly bookkeeping – R750pm

    Bookkeeping for small businesses with a annual turnover of up to R1m for only R750 per month for the first year. Please contact us for a quote should you have a bigger annual turnover. This service includes the following Pastel capturing VAT form submitted every second month 2 Provisional tax forms Income statement sent to client monthly Please note that a once off payment of R2 000 applies for the financial statements. Payslips are charged at R50 per payslip per month.

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  • PAYE


    We offer payslips at R50 per payslip per month. We use the latest payroll software to ensure that the latest tax tables are always applied. We will provide the client with copies of the payslips every month, and submit the PAYE form to SARS at no additional cost. SARS also requires every business to submit PAYE recons twice a year. One for the period ending August. And another for the period ending February. The cost for every PAYE reconciliation is R300 for clients who have their payroll info in electronic format. Contact us for additional quotes. See our FAQ page for more info.

  • PAYE,  Tax,  VAT

    Personal and company Tax debt

    Personal Tax debt SARS have now started to take money out of taxpayers’ bank accounts who have tax debt. This seems to be a growing trend by them this month. They know that a lot of people receive 13th cheques or bonusses this month. They mainly target people who has had debt for more than a year, and who has not made any attempts to make partial payments. This can be avoided if you take corrective action in time and manage the situation. Contact us now for advise on how to manage your debt. Company tax debt This also applies to company tax, which includes VAT and PAYE. Also for…

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  • Tax

    Personal income tax – Still confused

    Still confused about personal income tax??  Let’s clear up some of the questions people usually need answers to. Let’s start at the beginning.  Everyone in South Africa should have a personal income tax number.  This also applies to people under the age of 18 who earns an income, usually as a beneficiary of a trust.  If you receive an income of less than R350 000 a year from one source, it is not necessary to submit a return.  But unfortunately the SARS system does not always recognize this, which can lead to penalties accumulating. So it is very important to always be aware of what is going on on your…

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  • Tax

    SMS from SARS

    If you receive a sms like the photo below, it is definitely from SARS. This means that the tax return shows outstanding money. This can be due to a correct assessment. But, it can also be due to deductions not allowed by SARS where an additional assessment was done after an audit. We can help to establish whether your tax account is up to date. Contact us on now.

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    Wanted: Accounting firm to buy

    I am currently looking for a small accounting firm to buy in the Pretoria area.  If you have something or know of anyone who does, please let me know on I would really appreciate a referral.

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  • Tax

    SARS objections

    Download the SARS service charter here.  The current turnaround time for SARS objections on personal income tax is 60 business days, which is 3 months.  Please see page 9 of the SARS service charter.  Any objection can only be escalated to the Ombudsman after 60 business days for resolution.   SARS objections process There are several reasons why some of the deductions on your personal income tax return was not allowed by SARS.  The supporting documents were not submitted, or it was submitted in the incorrect format.    Taxpayers normally have 30 days to submit an objection after an assessment has been received from SARS.  It is still possible to submit…

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موقع سبح الاسلامي ا5People List - Free People Search Toolملاكبر تجمع للمحامين في مصر , ابحث و تواصل مع المحامين في مصرموقع سبح الاسلامي و الاخباري