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I get a lot of queries from clients who have never submitted personal income tax returns. And then they are too scared to do it, because they do not know what to expect.

From experience, I have seen that it is better to manage your tax than be scared of the unknown. If there has been admin penalties incurred, they can accumulate to the point where SARS takes legal action.

To establish your tax status, one must look at how many returns are marked as outstanding by SARS, as well as whether there are admin penalties.

The admin penalties are usually R250 per return for every month it is not submitted. And if there are outstanding penalties, we can help you make an arrangement with SARS to pay it off.

The same is applicable to private company income tax.

We can assist in managing your tax and assessing what is outstanding and should be submitted.

We can add you tax profile to our eFiling profile, then look at what is outstanding and advise from there.

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