2019 Tax return – Who needs to submit

Still unsure of whether you have to submit a 2019 tax return?

If you receive less than R500 000 per year and only receive a salary from one employer, you do not have to submit a tax return. SARS will also then send you a SMS notifying you that you do not need to submit. Also, if SARS has determined that you need not submit a return, you will find a pre populated form when you go into Efiling. You will then have the option to either accept or amend this return.

It is very important to determine whether you need to submit an income tax return. If you have to and you don’t, SARS will raise penalties of R250 per outstanding return per month. These penalties can’t be removed and will have to be paid by the taxpayer.

If you have any of the following, you still need to submit a 2019 tax return:

  • Travel or any other allowance
  • Business or rental income
  • Interest or dividends received
  • Any claimable deductions, medical, retirement annuity fund etc.

Also make sure that you have copies of all the documents for the deductions you claim. You will need to submit them to SARS if your 2019 tax return is selected for audit. Also ensure that all your income, IRP5’s and IT3’s reflect on your Efiling profile. If you submit your return and omit any of these, SARS will do an additional assessment and include the income.

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