SARS objections

Download the SARS service charter here.  The current turnaround time for SARS objections on personal income tax is 60 business days, which is 3 months.  Please see page 9 of the SARS service charter.  Any objection can only be escalated to the Ombudsman after 60 business days for resolution.  

SARS objections process

There are several reasons why some of the deductions on your personal income tax return was not allowed by SARS.  The supporting documents were not submitted, or it was submitted in the incorrect format.    Taxpayers normally have 30 days to submit an objection after an assessment has been received from SARS.  It is still possible to submit an objection after the 30 days have lapsed, but a valid reason must be provided for SARS to consider it then.  After the dispute has been submitted to SARS, they will send a letter within 30 days to confirm whether the objection will be considered or not.  After this, the objection has to be finalized within 40 business days.  If there is any problems with the format of the supporting documents, or they need more information, the taxpayer will be contacted to submit these documents as well.  When the objection is finalized, SARS will then send a notification and an additional assessment will be issued to the taxpayer. 

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sars objections

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